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Jun 10, 2005
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Hi, Last week I had pregnancy symptoms and this week I have none. I mean I have none at all and I dont even feel pregnant no more. I think I may have had a missed miscarriage, I had one in August this year round about the same time. I just didnt feel pregnant anymore and I had a scan at 7 weeks to confirm that the baby had died at 6.1 weeks. I am 6.2 weeks today and I feel the same thing has happened.
With a missed miscarriage there will be no signs like bleeding or cramping, just lack of symptoms. I have a scan next Wednesday and I am dreading it now thinking I know what has happened.

Its a horrid feeling thinking maybe this has happened to me again. I dont feel any hope whatsoever. I feel like I have given up now and whatever happens happens. If what I feel is happening then this will be my 5th miscarriage in 4 years. Its gets harder and harder to cope with and to top it all I am alone in all this, my ex doesnt care because I told him my concern and he said what will be will be. Its not what I wanted to hear even though we are not together. It seems like miscarriage is just one of those things that just happens to some women in his eyes.
I feel so angry towards him because I dont know what is happening to me.
Im sorry to go on but you girls are all I have. My family think I am crazy for ever being with this guy in the first place so they have no idea I am pregnant. If I miscarry I cant even tell anyone because I feel such a fool.

Well I am waiting to see what the New Year brings. I will this time leave it in God's hands, we are all very unique in His eyes and I am sure He only wants the best for us.

Happy New Year to all you lovelies and may you be truly blessed.
All my love
Jacqui. x x x x
Jacqui, I do hope that you haven't had a missed m/c, don't give up hope love. I really hope that you and bean are ok. Let us know what happens on weds won't you. Is anyone going with you to your scan?
Keep strong and big hugs to you.
Hi Sam, thanks for answering. I will be going to the scan on my own on wednesday. I am able to accept bad news alot easier on my own. I just cope with alot of things that way. I dont really like putting on people.

But I could be panicking over nothing, I guess Im at the stage where I was in August and its hit home that I miscarried at this time.

Will let you know how I get on, on wednesday.
All my love Jacqui. x x x x
I hope you are wrong with you what you think you are feeling, fingers crossed that everything will be OK for you on Wednesday at your scan.

I'll be thinking of you.
I know it's hard to not worry but putting yourself under so much pressue is not good for you! I'm sure you'll be okay! you have good reason for feeling like this, you've been throu many MC but please don't give up on this little bean yet! i some times go days without symptoms. Try to stay calm until you have you scan - i'm sure you'll see your little beans heart beat STRONG!

Hi Jacqui

Please remember that all of us on here are thinking of you and keeping our fingers crossed etc that all is ok. It must be horrible not having anyone to talk to about everything. Is there not one person you cuold confide in? As for your ex, if he's not even interested about how you're feeling etc then he's not one to worry about so try to start being stronger and realise that he wasn't worth it and that you could do so much better.
I can't even begin to imagine what it feel like to m/c as it has never happened to me but it has to many of my friends and all I can say is that be strong and have faith that when it is the right time and situation, it will happen for you.
Will be thinking of you on Wednesday
Best wishes and hugs!

Tan x

Really hope this is not bad news for you. It must be so terrible to continually suffer this. I wont say dont worry as that is such a crap thing to say because obviously you will. All I can say is that we are all here to support you whatever the outcome. Try to stay strong, and like Hayley says calm till Wednesday.

If you need anything at all just log on here and we will all support you. Even though its just the computer you need all the help and support you can get and we are all here to provide it.

L x

Wishing you luck for tommorow.

L x
good luck for today hunny my thoughts are with you xxxxxxxxxx
Hi Jacqui,

Hope all went well today. Was thinking of you and hoping for the best

Tan xx
Hi Jacqui,

Hope all went well today. Was thinking of you and hoping for the best

Tan xx
Anyone heard from Jacqui?

Wondering how she got on today.

L x

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