No Periods After D&C.....Help!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy After Loss' started by babywishes14, Dec 9, 2011.

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    Dec 8, 2011
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    Hi all, I am new to this forum so please bare with me! I have been a guest viewer for a while but thought I'd join the community.

    I'm looking for some advice please.

    I had a blighted ovum and found out at my 12 week scan, and had a D&C/ERPC on 25th August. I was told after the surgery that it was succesful with no complications, although I had no foloow-up appts.

    Since then though I have had NO periods, and no signs of it arriving either. I had no bleeding after the op, and no bleeding since either apart from 2-3 weeks of mucus with blood mixed in (which I've read can be normal). This was in October.

    But nothing since then. :roll:

    I have been to my GP, but they have said they will not do anything until 6 months has passed but I am desperate to start a family and I feel I am getting no where.

    Has anyone else experienced an incredibly long wait for a period after D&C?

    Also, does anyone know of any herbal remedies that might 'kick-start' my body?

    Any advice would be welcome, thank you x
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    Sep 27, 2011
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    Hi there!

    I too had a blighted ovum in Oct,but I had a natural mc rather than D & C. I dont know if that makes a difference. I bled about 4 weeks after my mc, but it was different to what my 'usual' periods were like before the mc. I already had light-ish periods, but since mc they seem to be v light!! I just think that everyone's bodies react differently to mc, and whilst some bounce back to 'normal' quickly, others take a while to adjust. I can't really give you much more info unfortunately, and I can't find much solid research/info on it myself, apart from the explaination that everyone is different!
    I have heard that agnus castus is a herbal remedy that is sometimes used for reproductive health to balance hormones. I used to take it a few years ago as I'd heard back then it may help with severe pmt!
    I hope things rectify themselves for you soon :) xxxxx

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