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Discussion in 'Postnatal Questions' started by Everdreamer, Feb 26, 2020.

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    Jan 18, 2019
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    Very anxious FTM here.

    So my LG is now 8 days old. We're bottle feeding which initially went well but now we seem to have hit a bit of a stumbling block.

    For the last few days she's been terrible to wind. No matter what I do I can't get it out of her. She's then obviously uncomfortable when going back down. We're trying Infacol & tried larger teats on the advice of a healthcare professional but the larger teats make her guzzle, cough & then spit up.

    She seems mega hungry when feeding but not sure if that's because her tum hurts & it soothes her. We've started trying her with a dummy now which soothes her for a short while.

    To top things off, she's weeing but not had a poo since Monday night when she was having one each day.

    We've also got an ever so slight blueish tinge to her chin & above her top lip which I'm worried about & she's mega snuffly & congested.

    We saw the midwife Sunday for our 5 day check & she was really happy with her. She also saw my GP on Monday after being really congested & crying none stop & my Dr said she seems fine & had most likely picked up a virus.

    Last night, I fed her at 3:30am & it took me until gone 5am to get her back down as she was so unsettled with the snuffles & her tummy.

    I just feel like I'm being a bit useless & doing everything wrong. I struggle to sleep as I'm paranoid that something is wrong. I had tried phoning the midwife buy got an answer phone service & they're rubbish at ringing back. I don't want to take her back to my GP again only after 2 days.

    The health visitor is coming Monday for the first time so hopefully she can let me know what I'm doing wrong.
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    Have you tried glysterine suppositories? They work like magic with constipation. Babies poo a few times a day so if she had a poo last Monday and none since might be in pain due to the constipation.

    Do you clear her nose? Babies find it hard to breathe through their mouths and will usually only breathe through their nose.

    Finally she might not tolerate the formula you give her. My DD1 had a CMPA and we switched to a rice based formula after 8 weeks and she stopped being so colicky in a few hours! She started sleeping through the night too!

    It's normal to feel a bit lost in the beginning, the lack of sleep and waterfall of friendly advice would make any mum a bit uncertain. You're doing the best you can and don't worry, the crying, sleepless night will stop one day but hang in there, the beginning is the toughest!x
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    Aug 7, 2018
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    Congrats on your baby! My little boy is 15 weeks old tomorrow and we had similar issues in the beginning. I found him hard to wind and when he was 17 days old he hadn’t pooped for that long his tummy was so swollen we had to take him to a walk in centre.
    What formular is your baby on? We swapped our baby to a colic and constipation milk at 17 days and used infacol to. The mix of the two together seemed to really help and he started going regularly and burping after feeds. Our son also got congested and a cold early on and it panicked me to. We got saline spray for children and a device (not sure it’s same) that you put up baby’s nose and suck out all the mucas!

    Like Kitana said we are all abit lost in the beginning when we are first time mums. Don’t worry it gets easier and you’ll gain confidence as she grows xxxx

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