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Mar 26, 2005
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Iam 13 weeks pg. I do not feel pregnant yet. No heaviness or even slight pain or anything. I think you can understand. I do not know whether i should go and see my doc. Is this normal? This is my second baby. I really do not remember how i felt for my first one at this time. But anyways it is hard for me not feeling pg yet. I know iam acting silly sometimes. But i just wanted to share with you all as i have couple of miscarriages before my first born. That's why little scared. Help me please!!! :?
I understand how you feel. My first pregnancy in July 2004 ended in a miscarriage at 8 weeks. I got pregnant 2 months later and couldn't wait to actually feel pregnant. I had extreme fatigue and morning sickness during the 1st trimester which sure made me feel pregnant. I really started to feel pregnant when I noticed my belly growing though and the first ultrasound I had(at 20 weeks) really put my mind at ease. I'm so thankful everytime I hear her heartbeat at my appointments! :)
i still dont feel very pg i know ive put on a little bit of weight but ive had no sickness i get constant headaches and i have to wee in the night i cant wait till my 2nd scan to make sure everthing is ok gotta wait til the 15 june though :(
I didn't feel any heaviness in my belly until I started feeling the baby move at about 16 weeks. Since then, the movements have gotten stronger and the heaviness in my belly keeps increasing every week.
hi i dont think u really feel pregnant until you feel movement and your belly goes firmer... this is my 3rd baby... i just feel at the moment that im getting fat.although ive not put a pound on and im 3months.. ive gained a tyre under my bra..i just read i should put on a pound a wk from now so i was like :shock: that today....but unless you fel sick or got some niggley pains you dont feel pregnant until around 4 1/2 to 5 get the fluttering a bit earlier than that .. but that can feel like ur got wind... so until baby uses you like a football,you normal feel normal

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