Nipple 'cups'


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Apr 24, 2005
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I don't know if you all have these, but I thought I'd recommend them.

When I am feeding Ella I pop a cup type thing over my nipple that she's not on, DH bought then from Boots. It has a hole in the middle for your nipple, and a spout on the side that needs to be facing upwards. It catches the milk that normally leaks when you let down. I collect it through the day (after each feed I decant into a storage container and pop into the fridge). Sometimes I get as much as 2oz in there from a single feed. Because I struggle with my milk supplies sometimes this really helps as I give Ella her final feed from a bottle and I can normally collect enough through the day to give her a final feed from it.

I also recommend the Avent reusable storage containers. They are screw topped, can be put in the freezer and hold up to 6oz of milk. They can also be used for food later on when the baby is weaning. They are about £10 for 10.
They're great - I've got the Avent ones.
Emilia xx
never heard of them, I wish I had when I was feeding a lot...

I have somthing similar except it doent collect it, its just a nipple gaurd to help her feed, if they cant latch on proper.
Its called a nipple shield here, but i think its completely different to what you have.
They sound good, I have the avent ones but not getting on with them. Wouldn't mind trying them as at night I wake up soaking through and think what a waste.

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