Night feeds ????


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Jul 6, 2005
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Hi girls, again, it's been a long time!!!

I do come on here every so often and see how things are going and compare...

I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing but Seth doesn't cry in the night for a feed, I hear him fussing... and feed him. Assuming he needs to be fed. He (like during the day) only feeds for now 10 minutes at a time. He is grwoing like crazy so I assume he is getting all he needs. Does this sound normal to you guys??

he weighed 6 / 12 at birth and now weighs 13. I also have to get his shots doen this week and am worried he may react to them as some babies do.......

Luv, Tineke (the nervous mum...LOL)
if he does'nt wake i would not feed him he is old enough to be sleeping through and would cry if he was hungry
Hi T, are you breastfeeding him? He's a good weight... :D :D
I wouldn't feed unless a scream is on the way.
Emilia xx
Hey T, he sounds like Ella! She too was 6.8oz at birth and now must be over 13lb (she was 12.13 a week ago).

Sometimes I hear Ella stirring in the night, but unless she cries/shouts (iykwim) I don't feed her (maybe that makes me sound like a mean mummy!).
Yeah i do the same. Unless she starts crying she will usually drop back off in about 10-15 minutes so I leave her.
Thanks for that guys! I will stop feeding hi then, as it seems like he maybe doesnt care to eat at thost tomes, he just does oit anyway...
Trying this tonight.

Love Tineke

im breastfeeding as well and kiara diesnt usually wake up much once shes down for the night she wil sleep for about 5-6 hours then wake up and cry. She only eats 5-10 min at a time as well and is still gaining lots os not to worry .,
Brody also only has 5-10 mins feeds in the night. I tried ignoring his murmurs in the night, but they do always lead to a cry for me :?

It's funny how they can all put on good weight yet only feed for a few mins at a time...good for us though!
Apparently as they get older they cn feed quicker and more efficiently :)

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