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May 21, 2006
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:cheer: Got up at 6am yesterday morning (I didn't go at 5 as I didn't want to be the only one there) anyway I didn't have to worry as there was tons of people there. I got some great baby bargains including tiny socks, baby grows and cute lil neutral outfits and onlt spent £20! came back and got a bit more on their internet site too. If you know the sex of your baby ladies theres tons of bargains still to be had. Anyone else got any bargains in the sale???
there is a nother link on the next sale some where?? il see if i can find it.

ps is it on today?
dionne said:
there is a nother link on the next sale some where?? il see if i can find it.

ps is it on today?

Yes it is on today :dance: :dance:
ive got some maternity trollies from there!

really really cheap,

just wish i knew the sex as i would have bought loadsa baby clothes too!!!

tryin to avoid neutral as i have already had a more a less complete newborn set of neutral passed down from my sister as her baby was born into more a less 0-3
I got some bargains in the sale today...
My mom was worse than me looking at everything :doh: :doh:
A few sleep suits..some vests and little socks :dance: :dance:
There was a woman there with a pushchair full of things :shock: :shock:
i thought that was a bit ott.
Not sure babes, know they were open til 10pm last night, but you can order on line too!

Here are some promotional codes to get FREE delivery: L7007 or L7001 or K7001 - I got them off
SHHH don't tell everyone :lol:
oooo thanks luce1!!! that just saved me another 3.50

just placed ANOTHER order from the sale range haahha

its counting me the discount in postage till now, thanks hunny xxx
I've just been to pick my prescription up, and realised I needed diesel, so popped to the local Asda, and they have a new Next opposite.

I've spent just over £50 on newborn- 1year boys clothes, and I've just added up the 'real' prices, and it is £125!! :dance: :dance:

I can't get the website to work :? . I go to the site, click on Sale, then select Department, Product Category and Size, then hit Search, and nothing happens! :? It's been doing this all morning - is it just me?
how do you order from the net - Next on line? do you have to have an account or can you set one up now?
you can set up an ccount there and then but u might have to apy for your first order on ur card.
If you haven't ordered off their website before you have to set up an account with them, beware they will send you their catalogue too and charge you £3.75 for it.

I went to Next on Saturday morning and spent about £30 - got the baby 5 outfits and, feeling very organized started my christmas shopping too!


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