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Aug 31, 2005
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Hi all,

I'm a newbie to the first trimester room, I've just found out I'm 4 and a half weeks pregnant.

How soon did you guys book your appointments with your doctor to get things officially confirmed?
Welcome officially to the first trimester :)

I booked the appointment with my doctor the same day and had it confirmed. The first midwife appointment can be anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 weeks gestation depending on what your doctor works out as your EDD.

Good luck :) x
Hi Sami,

Thank you for your warm welcome, it feels great to be in here :D

How many weeks gone were you when you found out you were pg?
Congrats bagpuss!!! :D :D :D

I had my first Dr's appt at 5 weeks where I has to have another test to ensure Ii was, as obviously the 4 home tests I had done weren't accurate :shock:
Wasn't a nice Dr so it was a bit of a negative experience but I then made another appt with my regular Dr the week after, who worked out my EDD. I then had to contact my community midwife who then booked an appt to see me at 10 weks where she came round my house. Then scan at 12 weeks etc.
Thanks Beanie,

Wow, not long to go for you, congratulations.

I'll make sure I get an appointment with my regular doctor, she's really nice. She's popular so it will take me at least a week to get an appointment I'm sure. I'll get on the phone tomorrow.

I know they'll probably ask me to do another test too, it's funny because we all end up doing at least 3 or 4 tests our selves because we don't believe it.
hi bagpuss and welcome to the first trimester hun :D :D :D
i had doctors appointment at 4 weeks seen midwife for initial booking at 5 weeks which meant i got my scan quickly :D seen midwife again at 9 weeks to finish filling in all the forms and notes and then had scan at what i thought was 10 weeks but was 10+5 lol
hope your still over the moon have you had any symptoms yet?
Bagpuss17 said:
I know they'll probably ask me to do another test too, it's funny because we all end up doing at least 3 or 4 tests our selves because we don't believe it.

Lol, I know. I even did 2 digital ones as I had to see the word prgnant before I believed it, thought I might have develpped double vision and was really only seing one line. To be honest I still don't think its sunk in, has to soon as there will be a baby in a couple of weeks x
Hi Rach,

Flippin eck, things moved quickly for you. Where abouts are you in the UK?

I'm going to phone the docs tomorrow, according to the online calculators I should be 5 weeks on Tuesday.

My sis found out she was pg very early too and she got to see her midwife quickly as well, the same as you. Not sure what it's like around our way (Notts), my sis is in Wales.

Oh yes, defo over the moon. Because I still feel normal I forget about it for a while and then I remember, I keep refusing to do things at home because "I'm a pregnant lady".....DH is fed up already, only 8 months to go of him waiting on me hand and foot. No, I won't abuse him I'm just enjoying myself as it's all so new.

We're both over the moon. I keep picking up my hpt to have a look, again and again and again.

The only symptoms I have are sore nipples and feeling very tired already. Still getting cramps but I think these will go on for a few weeks won't they?

My sis has only had a couple of episodes of morning sickness and she's 16 weeks now, I hope I follow in her steps. My other sister had awful sickness with all three of her kids.
hi bagpuss hun i live in gwent in south wales
i had the af cramping right up till i was about 8 weeks still get odd cramps now but not many :D and felt very tired and sick till about a week ago have had hardly any nausea since and all of a sudde seem to have a bit more energy seems i will be luckier this time round on my son i was sick till 5 months and from then onwards had heartburn all day long lol hoping i might actually see the blooming stage this time round
hope you continue to feel well hey maybe you will be one of the lucky ones and escape the sickness alltogether fingers crossed for you hunny xxxxxxx
Hi Bagpuss,

Welcome to the first tri. and congratulations again, very exciting innit?!

I found out on the day my AF was due, I had a sneaky suspicion I was preggars as I always got sore boobies a week b4 she was due but they didn't start until the day b4, so thought it was a bit odd.
I'm very impatient so did a test on that Saturday morning (about 6.30!!!! - couldn't sleep coz I kept thinking about it) and got an extremely faint line, i went into the bedroom & woke up my DH in tears saying I was pregnant & typical him said 'well i'm not sure because the line's so faint, wait a couple more days & do it again' talk about p*ss on my parade!!

Anyhoo, I was pregnant (women know best :lol: ) and I rang the docs. but they told me I didn't need to see him, just the midwife at 8 weeks, which is what I did, I then saw her again at 12 + 2 weeks on the same day as my first scan, i'm seeing her again a week on Tues.

Hope you don't get any morning sickness or too many symptons & have a fab. pregnancy. It must nice to be able to go through it with your sis, wish I had one to experience it with!

Take care hun & keep us posted on how things are.

Nicki.xx :D
I had one digital test but didn't read the instructions properly and knackered the test. Not impressed, so I had to go out as soon as I could after 8 to buy more tests to confirm it.

My DH was kind of the same as well because it was a faint line on the strip test but I explained that it's not the same as with ov tests, a line is a positive when it comes to pg tests.

Then when the + line appeared straight away on the Clearblue test, he was totally convinced. He was chuffed.

Interesting about not having to see your doc Nicki, suppose all they'll be doing is referring pg women to the midwives, I'll book an appointment all the same.

Yep, it's going to be brill sharing it with my sis, shame that she's a full trimester ahead of me but it will be fun all the same.

Sounds promising that you'll have a better pregnancy this time Rach, hope you do, so many women at work have had babies this year. After the first 3 months, they've bloomed. I want to be like that and enjoy my pregnancy.

Have you started getting bumps yet?
my belly started to swell at about 5 weeks but apparently thats hormones again lol they can make your bowel distend so you look like you got a bump early that finally went about 9 weeks and now im starting to pooch out again so just starting to get a bump now :D am a bit overweight anyway so wont be able to notice it properly for a few more weeks yet when it gets more like a bump will get a photo done and put it on here
Bagpuss17 said:
Hi Sami,

Thank you for your warm welcome, it feels great to be in here :D

How many weeks gone were you when you found out you were pg?

I was 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant, and I tested 2 days after my period was late. I just knew though even before I did it. I saw my midwife when I was 6wks5dys PG and had my first scan when I was 7weeks1dy PG, although that was because I was bleeding. My first dating scan was when I was 11 weeks PG.

When I did the test it was first thing in the morning. I was that much in shock when the line really appeared that I didn't tell my OH straight away. I eneded up going to work and being in such a state of fuzzyness I guess that I ended up telling a girl I worked with first. She made me ring him and tell him. Then we met up and hugged and cried :D I'll never forget it.

I remember I carried the test stick around with me for about 2 or 3 months just so that I could look at it and convince myself it was real - even though I still did 4 more over then next few weeks 'just to make sure'. It's a brilliant feeling - enjoy it :) x
Congratulations Bagpuss! Hope you have a stress-free 9 months! :D :D :D :D

I bet your thrilled. I found out at 5 weeks, so just booked appointment with Doctor (who didnt do anything to confirm it!?!) My symptoms were bad aunt flo-type cramps and a funny discharge TMI??!! :oops:

After some bleeding I had a scan at around 6 weeks but because of gas - yet again TMI :oops: they could only see that the sac was in the right place and it was a bit early to see for 6 weeks. Then bleeding stopped for a couple of weeks, but started again so had to have another scan.

In between all this the docs booked me in for first midwife appointment - think i was about 9 weeks then. So that will be your next thing to look foward to (although I suppose it depends on your area) At that first appointment she took 4 loads of blood :shock: - ugh!

But, its all good and keep us posted on how you are getting on. Dont forget we are all here to pass on advice etc and to help out if something is stressing you out!

Congratulations to you and your O/H!

L x
Thanks girls.

I'm getting lots of AF type cramps today, it's a weird feeling isn't. You expect your AF to arrive but it doesn't. I'm still at the stage where I keep checking if there's any blood when I go to the loo - paranoid.

I called the docs today, I can't get an evening appointment until the end of the month and I can only get a morning appointment if I call on the day - that's how long it is since I've been to the docs, that's a new system in place.

I'm dreading the giving blood thing, I'm terrible with needles. I know I'll have to get used to it but it's frightening me more than anything about being pregnant or giving birth - probably because the prospect of giving birth is so long away.

It's weird isn't it when you find out you're pg. I had it all planned in my head how I'd tell my DH but it never worked out that way at all. I had to get him out of bed really early to check my pg test, I don't think he was too convinced or should I say he didn't want to get his hopes up. It's my first month of charting my temps too. I've got a fertility monitor, I took my temp but couldn't bring myself to look at it as I was convinced my temp was going to plummet and AF was on the way. Once I saw my temp - it had rocketed upwards, it confirmed that we were preggers. I cried then. Got washed, changed and dashed out to get more tests, it's the earliest I've been up on a Saturday for years!

I'll keep you posted with how things go, I'm sure I'll have lots of questions. Especially as we're keeping our news to ourselves (apart from my sis and my closest friend).

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