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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this and really wanted people to chat to who are going through a similar experience/s to me seeing as I haven't told any of my friends (who have had babies).

    I found out 10 days ago that I was around 5-6 weeks pregnant. Yay as I'm getting on a bit, I was 38 a few weeks ago.

    Anyway, I couldn't remember the first date of my last period which didn't help the doc when trying to work out how pregnant I was.

    I'm hoping that my first scan - not due til early July will be able to give me a more accurate idea!? Does anyone know if that's right?

    I've had pretty bad cramps since before I found out (originally assumed period pains!)

    They come and go, sometimes so bad - like last night where I'm doubled over in pain for about 20 mins. I think that they seem to get worse if I eat certain things eg yesterday it seemed to be chocolate! A couple of nights earlier it was fried food. I'm hoping they're nothing to worry about, there's no bleeding so I think not. I feel very bloated and symptoms sound like I'm also constipated, not something I've really had before.

    Does anyone know how long these cramps can last? Please don't say 9 months!!

    Also suffering from bad sleep - only had a few hours sleep a night for the past week. I think that's more because of the cramps which do seem to be worse at night though.

    So just thought I'd introduce myself, say hello and thank you in advance for being there as a sounding board and agony aunt during this exciting and scary time! I hope I can help others too with my experiences and advice as the pregnancy progresses.


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