Newbie here - are these signs of pregnancy???

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by Sezzy, Nov 24, 2007.

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    Nov 24, 2007
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    Hi there, after lurking on this site for sometime I thought I would take the plunge and ask for your advice.

    My last proper period was on the 9th October, and my next one was due on the 1st November (my cycle is every 24 days), however I only spotted on the 4th of November, sort of a pinky/watery consistency in the morning and then a brown sort of discharge in the afternoon (sorry if tmi!). I took a hpt but it was negative, so went to the GP and he sent a blood sample off to the hospital which was also negative.

    For the past fortnight I have had low abdominal pain, severe low back ache, on a number of days I have felt nauseas and just can't face any food in the day and then in the evening I have this compelling urge to eat everything in sight! My sense of smell seems incredibly heightened and I can't stand the smell of OH's aftershave at the moment!! Oh and I've been peeing alot and it smells really strong.

    On the 13th November I took a urine sample to my GP and he found blood and protein in it, stuck me on antibiotics for 3 days, all that seemed to do was stop the frequent urge to pee!! On the 20th November I had to take a urine sample to the GP to be sent off to the hospital to show if I still have an UTI and I won't get the results back until next Tuesday !!

    I have took about 4 hpt and each has come back BFN, my period is due today but definately no signs of showing yet. I am really confused and would welcome any advice you could offer me. I do feel different if that makes sense, I feel pregnant, even though I don't know what that feels like!!!!

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    Hi Sarah :wave:

    Some women dont have large enough quantities of the pregnancy hormone in their urine as it can absorb straight into the bloodstream instead, which is why docs prefer to do bloodtests for pregnancy, but if you are pregnant then that should have shown up then.

    It still could be, but until you either get your AF or a BFP I would try not to worry about it too much as you will only cause yourself more stress than you need :hug:

    Ive got my fingers crossed for you!!

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