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Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by Constantstar, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Hello all just want some advice. Owen was in special care for a week and feel I missed out in his feeding and sleeping as had a c section and couldnt get to hosp for a while. Did any of u keep a diary for the first week of when ur baby fed and how much ( formula fed babies) and how long and often they napped? Would really appreciate this if u could post some examples as feel like I cant remember an average routine of a new born! ;) xx

    mummy to ds 11/7/11
    pregnant *team pink* due 12/9/13
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    I still keep a log of when O feeds & how much, how much water he takes in a day & bowel movements. It was a habit stemming from work but I like knowing & being able to look back.
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    I still keep a log of feeds, poo's etc... force of habit and now we're weaning I wanted to carry on for a bit.

    I didn't log sleep (still only log his night-time sleeps) but when he was a newborn he'd sleep after every feed.

    I expressed from day 3.

    3 days old: 14fl oz
    4 days old: 24fl oz
    5 days old: 19fl oz
    6 days old: 22fl oz
    7 days old: 23fl oz
    8 days old: 22fl oz

    He had little and often but was always great at feeding (still is)

    Try not to worry too much hun, if MW's are happy?

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    Jul 10, 2011
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    if i remember rightly we kinda followed the EASY routine the first few weeks, feeding was bf topped up with formula and so on demand as much as often as she wanted but the sleeping was 30 mins out of every 90, Eat, Activity, Sleep, You so sleep for 30 mins and you have a rest or eat etc, take that time for yourself then when she woke it was eat, then play or something even just massage and then time to sleep again

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