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Mar 12, 2005
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Hiya my name is Cadoline, im 18 yrs old and 7wks pregnant. im due on 30 october. Im looking forward to talking to other pregnant moms.
Hiya wow only a week b4 me. im only 7wks and im already excited! how has your pregnancy gone so far?

Cadoline xx
really easy ive not been sick just tired and hungry really its nice to have some one around the same time as u pm me with ur msn addy and ill chat to you there if u like
hi there, my name is leanne. i was reading your message. i too am only 18 and pregnant with my first child. are you like me very nervous and kind of scared? well good bye for now.
Hiya i was at the begining i was also v.confused but now although im still a bit scared an nervose im v.excited and overwhelmed with felling love towards my unborn baby.
How far gone are you? was yours plannd?

Cadoline xx
hi my name is joanne im pregnant with my third child my due date is the 4th of august 2005 im realy looking forward to talking to other mothers to be iv got my next scan on the 29 of march and carnt wait to see my little one a gain and hopfuly find out the sex iv already got a girl of 7 and a boy of 5 hope you all are keeping well and enjoy the rest of your pregnacys

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