Negative tests + 12 DPO = Bye bye positivity!

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by xSebbiesMumx, Aug 3, 2013.

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    :(..Im so fed up today!..I just wish i had the perfect cycle where a test would show positive or negative at 14 dpo!..But instead my body would rather me wait to test..I didn't get a positive with my son until i was 21 DPO:shock:..I tested religiously with my son and nothing showed up until then!

    I had such a good feeling about this cycle as ive been feeling off for the past few days and thought that yesterday or today would be the perfect day to test with it being so close to my AF date (tomorrow)..I didn't dare test today as i couldn't face the one liner or the disappointment that comes with it :(

    Symptoms over the past few days have been weird..Yesterday all i wanted to eat was rice and gravy together, my emotions have been all over the place the day before my OH was joking about dumping me and all of a sudden i cried!, i usually laugh along too but not that day! :S, i had a weird shooting pain in my boob this afternoon and the cramps have been so intense, and ive felt sick for the past couple of days..Surely somethings got to give :(

    Im sorry to whine and whinge and bring everyone down, but it got me thinking..I have had so much stress this week i wonder if its altered my cycle some?..Like i OV'd late because of it!..But im feeling like theres no hope for me this cycle so ive taken up to waiting for the witch to show!

    I have one more FR left but im saving it for if i make it to 21 dpo!..But i don't see it likely!
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    Don't give up hope! You're not out til AF arrives and if it does, just keep trying :) you've managed to have one baby so it's definitely possible for you to get pregnancy which is a good sign! Just means it's a waiting game unfortunately :( good luck and sending LOTS of baby dust x

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