Negative reaction for wanting to express feed.

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Deedee689, Sep 8, 2016.

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    Hi ladies.
    At a recent antenatal class, I asked the question 'am I allowed to bring my breast pump into the hospital as I want my baby to have breast milk but i don't want to psychically breastfeed' - I wasn't given the opportunity to to say that I want to do this physically for the baby to get the colostrum before the two midwives tagged teamed me. Telling me that physically is best and buying a pump is a waste of money.
    Not only was this very embarrassing to be scolded in front of 20 odd people, but I also felt very unfair. - considering I haven't had the same midwife twice in the 7/8 months I've been pregnant to really talk to about my questions and concerns.
    So, my question is - do many of you mummies express and Do you find this more convenient than breastfeeding?

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    obviously it's completely your choice but out of curiosity why would you rather express than feed yourself?

    I definitely wouldn't think it is more convenient to express, you'd have to spend time pumping and then more time with the bottle.

    it's totally wrong of the midwife to be like that with th and she should have answered your question is a more positive way. it's your choice and don't ever feel like it's not good enough if that's what oh want to do
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    Hospitals usually have hospital grade pumps, which are better than most home type pumps, so it should be possible for you to express in hospital without taking your own. You will have to be really committed to express feed though as it takes a lot of time and effort.

    As much as they clearly did so in the wrong way, it sounds like they were trying to give you the best advice - which is that baby will do a much better job of getting your milk out that a pump will, plus breastfeeding has lots of other benefits than just nutrition, especially for a newborn.

    Expressing can be a useful aid for breastfeeding, but it is usually recommended to wait for your supply to come in before starting to pump. Would you be willing to try breastfeeding first and then switch to expressing? You may find you don't mind it and then you don't have the faff of washing bottles, sterilising and pumping. Breastfeeding can be really hard in the first weeks, but once you and baby have the hang of it it is by far the easiest way to feed your baby.

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