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    May 19, 2023
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    Hi all,

    New here and hoping someone can help.

    I'm a first time dad, just under two weeks ago. Pregnancy was great, nice and smooth, lowest of risks so we planned accordingly. Upon going into labour everything followed suit, nice and smooth, right until the end. We were rushed into theatre for a forceps delivery and spinal block. This was such a shock to us both as we were not expecting it and went against everything we wanted and hoped for.

    Even so, both mum and son are doing well post op.

    As expected in the coming days, lots of family have been and gone to the point where we are now getting into a "new normal".

    As each day goes by, I am feeling more useless, lower in confidence, more emotional, less interested in the outside world and in other activities and am starting to dread when the little man wakes up for a feed or change. Saying this though, when I throw myself into doing the tasks it all goes well and everyone is happy, I just feel anxious at the thought of it.

    I think this started when he had his first "meltdown" and we struggled to calm him down, I was exhausted from a night shift and couldn't cope.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this or have any tips of advice that may help?

    Thank you
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    Hi, sorry you are feeling this way. In some parts I think it’s totally normal to be overwhelmed. But if getting too much it would be worth having a chat to GP maybe. I felt really overwhelmed with my 1st. Take it easy, be kind to yourself and as you say - once youve done the thing it is successful and everyone happy. Try to remember that. If you can manage, some fresh air every day helps too. You also mentioned the birth was a shock - you can ask for a debrief if you feel this might be helpful.
    Hope this helps.

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