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Apr 25, 2005
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I have realised how much good it is to go out during the day, it helps keeping your sanity and dealing better with your baby!!!

I decided to treat myself to the hairdresser this morning, first time in 6 weeks, thought I deserved it. So i expressed 200 ml with my electric expressing machine ( this is a godsent!!!) and let Thomas to my partner from 11.30 till 2 pm. Had my hair cut quite short with a fringe ( did not have had a fringe since the age of 14, am 28!!!) and some highlights at the front!!! Am so pleased with it because it does change my face totally, do not know if it is for better or worse yet but I needed a change, which was successful!!!

Then i went to my first session of baby group, a bit of waste of time content wise but at least i was out with other mums and you could breastfeed freely without anybody loking at you weirdly !!! Once the session finished, I went shopping and bought a jumper, has to be size 18/20 (cannot beleive I was a 14!!!)

It has made such a difference to my mood!!!! I took Thomas'crying for food much better and he is now sleeping!!!!
Am going to cook now and if i have a bit of time, I will shave my gorilla legs lol, want to wear a skirt tomorrow :)

I have realised if I do not do things for myself a bit, I would lose it. I scored 12 on the post natal depression, do not think i am near this at all, just think I need to go out more to keep me sane and allow my brain to have some fresh air. :)
Great news!

Whenever anyone ever posts on here saying they are feeling down my first response is always to advise them to get out more. Baby groups can be a godsend to a stressed out mom!
Glad you are feeling better, it feels great going out and just a bit of "you" time sounds like just what you needed!
i was starting to feel abit low so i decided to join my sil at toddlergroup obvioulsy ethan isnt a toddler but its great just to get out and see ur not the only mum in the world feeling down i look forward to going every wednesday now :lol:
Sounds like you had a great day, bet you feel great. A,m planning on getting my hair cut next week so hopefully I will have a great day too. I really want to have a change of hair also, its the best thing when you feel like poo, and OH has offered to pay for it so that is a result :D .

Am realy impressed you expressed 200mls, was itin one go as I can get 50 mls out of one boob but that's about it. What pump do you use??

Gl;ad you are feeling better, hope that it carries on xxxx
I use Ameda lactine double breast pump. It is an electric one and saves my life when i use it!!! If Thomas has not had any feed, I usually get 120 ml from each breast but found out i have more milk in the right boob. Good thing with this pump is i am guaranteed to have a bottle at least in 40 minutes :) The day i expressed 200 ml, i did 120 ml from the right and 80 from the left. You feel and look like a milking cow but the result is there at the end. Bought it on e-bay at 58 pounds, they r around 85 brand new.

Went to school today and was pleased to see my colleagues telling me i looked very good with my new hair cut :)

I had a good day, just a shame my oh is such a pratt and always finds a way to spoil things lol I found out my mood is not due to depression but due to OH stressing me all the time!!!
futuremum said:
I had a good day, just a shame my oh is such a pratt and always finds a way to spoil things lol I found out my mood is not due to depression but due to OH stressing me all the time!!!

You have the same problem as me!!
lol Men, they can be such a pain. Mine is slightly a control freak and acts like my dad. I hated my dad's behaviour towards us and my mum and i am going out with someone similar, i must be a masochist lol But seriously speaking, he can put me in such a state sometimes and make life so difficult!!! He might read this as he knows my username on this forum but hey, this is the only place i can express myself freely!!!
Tell me about it - some men are arses.....mine is just lazy.

Getting my hair cut tomorrow too, still need to dye it back to black though, my blonde roots are coming through :shock:

Hope your still feeling good. Your hair sounds really nice :)

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