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Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by Emma.b, Feb 2, 2012.

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    Hey ladies,

    How you holding up?

    I'm sat here just thinking about things, mainly about babies and wonder why?
    Nothing like tourmenting yourself aye!:lol:

    Anyhow i have a question and was wondering if any1 had been in a similar situation. Im not sure if i mentioned it before but my gp is c**p. One of the many reasons is the fact that he left an old implanon in my arm for 3 years.:shock:

    Let me give you some info and you can tell me what you think?! Please :)

    Ok so i had my first implanon put in in 2004 at a clinic, a year after my little lad was born.

    In 2007 i went to my GP to have the old implanon removed and a new 1 put in.

    In jan 2010 i went back to my GP to have my old implanon removed and decided to start ttc.

    In march 2010 i was at my mums had an itch and found my old implanon from 2004!!!

    Obviously i went back to the doc, absolutely fuming but he denied all knowledge saying it was my fault as i should have gone back to the clinic to have the first removed!! He then went on to tell me that it wouldnt have caused any damage as they do sometimes put 2 in larger women to ensure they are fully protected. He also said it would have ran out anyway as it was passed its date. But when i went to the clinic they said its a load of rubbish it would have carried on leaking until eventually coming to a stop, her words were 'its not a tap it doesnt just turn off it gradually runs out like a pen'.

    So i think my question is what kinda damage if any could it have caused, could it be responsible for my suspected pcos and the fact that its been 2 years and still no baby??

    I should have questioned the clinic lady a bit more but i felt funny from having it removed, they really had to grab and pull as it had been in there so long it had buried itself deep. And i was so glad just to have rid of it.

    Any ideas ladies, sorry for the huge text! :shock:

    x x x x x
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    God thats bloody disgraceful, ive no idea if it wud have any long term effects but its defo sumthing for you to perhaps ask about. U poor thing bet it hurt coming out.

    Michelle. x

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