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    Hi so Iv been weaning baby since 4 months and for the last month he has been having breakfast .. Different flavour of baby porridge every morning about an hour after morning bottle. I have tried him on the fruit purée pots aswell which he loves. He is going to be 6 months on Friday 28th so want to really go for it I have been trying him with dinner this week so bottle about 4ish then half a jar at 5 then bedtime bottle at 6:45 he is having 5 bottles a day of 6oz about every 3 hours.I want to get him into a good routine with the dinner and then do lunch last what kind of routine is everyone else in and can you give me ideas of simple meals I can give for lunch and dinner as I don't always want to give jars would like to give home made food aswel but also simple foods that don't take a lot of preparation. How lumpy can I give it from 6 months and what size portion should I give. Thanks xxx
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    It's just go with your little you've been weaning for a while you can leave it smooth with lumps/soft bits and see what happens. If they don't like it they'll soon let you know. I've been looking back through my son's baby memory book and he went from rice/porridge/banana/avocado/sweet potato/parsnip combinations at the start of weaning to just whatever we ate but with no salt and each bit mashed on it's own or with a bit of breast milk to loosen it from 7 months...and loads of finger foods once he fancied them...we did BLW so he always had them...from what I've written he really started nibbling those at 7-9 months. His favs were chicken, fish, hard boiled/scrambled eggs, bread (on it's own or mini-sarnies), toast, crackers/breadsticks, dried fruit, fruit/veg batons with hummus, yoghurt, custard, cheese, any kind of homemade soup, little chunks of mushroom, broccoli, carrots and runner beans...and any kind of pasta. I didn't write it down, but he also loved mini wraps with jam in.
    Oh, I can't wait to do it all again!
    Lucy's been reaching out for my afternoon banana recently and she sits and watches us at the dinner table making little fake eating noises like she's pretending she's at a little fake tea party! lol. She knows the crazy "big people table ritual" she sees 3 times a day is one she wants to get in on asap!! My hv is lovely and did BLW with her 2 children and has said to just play it by ear and go with the child (which is what we did with our son anyway)...I'm probably going to let her have tiny tastes very soon, just to see if she's really as interested as she seems. She already sits up with her head off her chair and often sits in her high chair and watches me washing up etc...and she grabs all of the toys on her mat and play gym and shoves them straight in her mouth, so her hand-to-mouth coordination is def. there...and it's the hv that said that last time we saw her and Lucy was in her bumbo grabbing toys from her tray table and rubbing them all over her lips and sucking them. lol.
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