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    i need some first names for both girls and boys i want my baby to have a name that no other child will have but i dont want it to be to out there any one got any ideas?
    middle names will be john for a boy and Kath-lyn for a girl
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    Jun 2, 2005
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    Hubby and I found out we are expecting a girl and names were a real problem. I put a list round friends to see if they could come up with ideas. In the end, we decided we wanted something that no-one else would have considering we have a 9 year old Matthew and there are 4 Matthews in his class at school.

    In the end we have decided on Amelie Charlotte -which is french for Amelia, and Charlotte being the femine form of Charles which is my son's middle name.

    Look on some of the websites they have some great variations from different countries. Hope this helps.

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