Dont think theres any men let alone ones with name ideas!
My hubby says if its a boy he'd like it to be JORDAN, after Micheal Jordan.
My BF likes Jake, but cant name our baby that as his nephew is Jake!!!
My bf likes traditional names, for a girl he likes Amber and Abigail and he wants to call a boy Murdoch (I pray he is joking! I think its just a boy A-Team thing)! lol

Unfortunately my hubby is very vocal when it comes to names! Nothing is ever good enough! Too us absolutely ages to name our other two! Eloise was brilliant, only had to say the name and he love it, this was during labour however, and after months of disagreeing! Our son Jamie was also a no-brainer really, his best mate is Jamie and I always liked the name too. However baby number three is causing huge problems! We don't really have a boys name as he appears to have no ideas and completely disregards all mine! And in the girl name department we are fighting between Lily and Crystal! I love Lily but he isn't so keen, and he wants Crystal but I don't like it at all! Can't win! Good luck to all those choosing names it's so hard!

x Callie x

Wife of Francois, Mummy to Eloise, Jamie and Bump! 21 weeks along!

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