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Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by Lottie Tobe, May 15, 2016.

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    Hey everyone,

    This morning I got my bfp! Was trying ttc for 7 months....I know that's not that long but it felt like forever. Anyway, I promised myself if I ever got a bfp I would post what I did in the hope it could help someone else.....I have had a lot of helpful advice on here and now it's my turn -

    Here's what I did, in order of how important I think it was

    1. Had sex every other day for longer in my cycle rather than pressurised sex around the window like I did before
    2. I calmed down! I have had 5 reflexology a week for 5 weeks, it helped me relax and I honest think if I hadn't gone to these sessions I wouldn't be pregnant now
    3. Evening primrose oil....days 1-14 of cycle (was my second cycle using)
    4. Drank loads, loads more water throughout the whole cycle
    5. No alcohol for 6 weeks
    6. Got husband not drinking, taking wellman and eating Brazil nuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds every day for 6 weeks. Also got him in lose boxers not tight ones
    7. Ate sweet potato at least once a week for whole cycle. Ate Brazil nuts 1-5 dpo
    8. Hardly any caffeine
    9. Stopped googling everything....tried not be be obsessed
    10. Switched from seven seas to pregnacare

    Also a note about symptom spotting....this was the first month I tried not to...and you know what, I felt the same as all the months I wasn't pregnant! Even had period cramps (only real sign was a missed period)

    I'm now trying to stay relaxed for sticky bean

    I'm sure you guys know all of the advice I just posted, but just to say thanks to everyone who posted me advice while ttc....I hope my post helps someone. I think the most important thing is have a reasonable amount of sex and try to stay as relaxed as possible....I hated it when people told me that....but it's true

    Good luck to all xxx

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