MY SECRET BODY - We want you for a Documentary!!!

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    Mar 28, 2005
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    It’s time to redefine what makes a body beautiful.

    Everywhere we look there are images of perfect bodies. These are the bodies to which we are all supposed to aspire to. But do any of us really live up to these ideals? Endemol UK and Channel five are making a 6-part documentary about body image, called “My Secret Body”. We are launching a nationwide campaign that sets out to challenge the way we British think about our bodies. We are calling on the British public to show and tell it how it really is.

    We are looking for pregnant women of all ages and stages of pregnancy to come on the show and talk about the changes in their body. We want women willing to do a Demi Moore and Kate Moss style pose, on camera whilst talking about the changes they have been experiencing.

    Along with your stories, we are looking for you, your family and friends to send in home videos, stories & text photographs. We want to know the relationship the British public has with their bodies.

    If you are interested then please contact us on or 0208 222 4337

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