My parents and mother-in-law are DRIVING ME MAD!!

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by lottiesmith1, Apr 6, 2016.

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    Apr 5, 2016
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    I haven't even had the child yet and both sides of the grandparents, from the in-laws and mine, are driving me mad. :wall2::wall2::wall2:

    They are all asking me none stop about baby stuff every time I see them and its getting a bit tedious.

    They both think that they are going to be having our child sleeping over when its born and I really dont feel comfortable about this. I'm a very clingy person who worries and don't want my baby sleeping at either grandparents until its 1 years old. Thats my decision.

    Am I the only person who is protective over this? It's making me and my partner argue like mad because its his mum who we keep arguing about, as she has a very strong opinion and likes things to be done her way.

    She's even told me to crack on with the nursery at 20 weeks!!!! I'm 18 weeks at the moment.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated and any tips on how to handle the mother in-law
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    May 28, 2015
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    Hi lottie and welcome to PF. Sorry to hear they're being such a pain! Is this their 1st grandchild?

    I have similar issues with my Mum- long story short I was in care for a while as a child and she really wasn't the best Mum but yet she's full of advice on how I'm going to raise this baby and wants it to spend nights away from me at hers (not going to happen for a very long time).

    So far I've just brushed comments off with we'll see or I haven't decided yet so you could try this for now. If it gets any worse you'll just have to tell them straight. But don't let it cause a problem between you and partner just explain to him how it's making you feel x
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    I got advice always and I was straight forward enough to batt it down :lol:

    I just used to reply, we have decided to do this or not to do this. Simple. Its you and your husbands baby and you should raise it as you both see - not your mothers.

    Of course mothers get excited and have raised children before, but times always change, and people and parenting styles vary so much now. They shouldn't impinge on that. After a while of me saying my opinions of how I wanted to raise my child people died down.

    Its ok to take bits and bobs of advice from people and make your own - Id speak to OH, discuss it between you two what you both want regarding staying out because it is important he has some input too.

    You may find your mind will change once baby is here but its always good to make sure you and OH are on the same page. Forget everyone else.


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