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My Discrimination at work story - good ending though!


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Jun 14, 2005
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Had been in my job, which I loved for 3 years. My great boss left and just before Christmas I got a new boss, who I could tell did not like me from the start. Then found out I was PG so was not too desparate to leave as I had built up my benefits etc and prob would not go back to work after baby.

Went back to work after the new year to find email evidence that we was plotting to get rid of me now he knew I was PG etc. All illegal stuff and he was an idiot as I had access to his email (as part of my job) and he forgot. I knew what he was plotting was wrong and at the time I was ill in my PG and bleeding so could not cope with stress and got signed off. Before I got signed off i pulled together all the evidence I could of him plotting to get me out, saying for example 'I cannot afford to have team members distracted in their jobs' - WHATEVER !!

The next day I filled an official complain/grievance letter against him and his boss (they are both VP's in the company so I was playing with the big boys, but what did I have to loose). I filed the letter with HR and waited for their response. In the meantime I did not go to the office as I was signed off for a few months and to be honest I would have walked out anyway as I could not work under those conditions.

Got an email back from HR after a few days saying they agreed to a hearing with me (it's the law they have to and they have to respond within 28 days or you have lots of ammunition to take them to a full employement tribunal).

Two HR people from the USA came over and I spent 2 hours going through it all again.

I asked for a settlement (as i could not possibly go back to work after I had evidence they were going to get rid of me) for my full salary up till when I would have worked anyway (August), tax free and my full maternity pay entitlement - this was not taking the mickey it was what I would have got if I had of been working, which I would have done anyway.

After another few weeks of them thinking about things and investigating, I got what I wanted as I threatened to take them to court.

That is cutting a long story short, but all in all these events started at the very beginning of Jan and my money and gagging order came through in May!!

I was lucky I beat the *******s, but it was hard and stressful and i was worried about the stress on the pregnancy but all has worked out well.

I don't think anyone should put up with being exploited like this while being pregnant etc.

I used to work in law so if anyone needs pointing in the right direction on this stuff, let me know by PM as I have been through the process. I am not a lawyer though ;)

So a message from me - stick to your guns and don't let them screw you because they will if they think they can get away with it!!

I'm glad that you got what was rightfully yours Minikins.

I handed my resignation in and my boss wrote me a letter back telling me that

"However, had you returned to work you would have been asked to attend a disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct. Following a routine check of the hard drive of the personal computer which only you used, and had access to using your personal log-in name and password, it was discovered you had made more that 250 personal internet visits in Rydon time during a relatively short period. I have printed evidence of your actions, and the engineer concerned had agreed to attend as a witness at any hearing. This serious dishonesty on your part, bearing in mind that you had signed a personal network user agreement, may have resulted in your dismissal from the Company.

Any monies due to you will be paid in due course, and I sincerely hope I do not hear from you again."

I used to go on the net during my lunch break.

So even if I had returned to work, as he was trying to make me if I wanted any chance of having a grievance hearing, he was going to sack me for what ACAS describe a minor misconduct.

I think that my old MD is going to play extremely dirty when it comes to my claim, and it's quite stressful to think about. However I do not want to let him get away with it. I've been forced out of my job, like you, and have lost all pay and maternity pay (except MA) because of his behaviour, so I think I am entitled to at least that!
GRRR, he was looking for any excuse to get rid of you and try to blame it on something else, he is a slippery character!!! He is trying to scare you off for sure.

Have you spoken to ACAS?? Are you going to have a hearing, I can't remember sorry?

My solicitor has served the stage one grievance for unfair (constructive) dismissal and unauthorised withholding of wages. Once that has been answered by my ex boss I can then take them to a tribunal for the above, and sexual discrimination.

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