My Car died


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May 2, 2006
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Well after driving bk from Chester for 4 hours in the pouring rain, towards the end of the journey it started making a really weird noise and it started beeping the engine warning light came on, the gears were all juddery and it was well scary. I rang my dad up n he told me to slowly drive it bk home. So i did and dad said that it was prob cos it got so wet, so today i went to get init to drive to mum n dads and it still did it. So i rang the Pug recovery place cos its still under warrenty, the nice RAC man came and he said that two of the injectors had gone and it was totally unsafe to drive :shock: :shock: :shock: So it got towed to the pug garage for them to fix on monday. So im carless :( :( I feel so bad now for driving it when i had leah in it :(

So my poor car is proper poorly - but good thing is i dont have to pay cos its covered by the warrenty :D
dont feel bad how were you to know hun :hug: good job you dont have to pay thought it would cost a fortune
ah hun, dont start me on cars, iv just had mine in the garage for over a week to get a simple repair and cost me almost £400 i couldnt believe it.

Glad your ok through hun and leah, and at least you dont have to pay for it hun, hope you get back on the road soon :hug: :hug:

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