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Apr 24, 2005
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Hey :D

Well as money is going to be extremely tight without my wages (signed off at the mo on SSP expecting to be sacked). We've gone ahead and kitted ourselves out now to save the worry in the future, at least we know where we are.

Last weekend I took a trip to Mothercare and decided that I wanted a 2 in 1 pram/pushchair. I had a look on Ebay to see what sort of prices 2nd hand ones go for and found a seller with thousands of ratings that sells new stuff (as well as used stuff) he grades the things gold, silver and bronze. Gold is basically brand new condition, the kind of things like catalogue returns etc, silver is where they've had a fault and been repaired (and are totally fine) or have a scratch or something and bronze is used condition.

I bought the pram that I wanted which was £180 in Mothercare, new off of him for £85.55.

I've also bought a brand new cot, brand new Cossato mattress, Graco car seat (silver quality - only downgraded due to scratch on base) and Graco car seat holder (silver quality due to small scratches) - including the cost of the pram my total spent (without postage but they are going to combine it) is £157.12, which is less than the pram had I bought it in Mothercare.

My point is, there are some bargains to be had on there, I'm not a skank but I've saved a load of money which will come in really handy later on :)
I love ebay, it's a great place to get awesome deals and save money!
It really is. I bought a load of HPTs off of there for under £1 each, I was a serial tester (still do the odd one), compared to buying a First Response in Boots for around £10-11 (though still did 1 proper one to confirm), I saved a bucket load. I always thought that I'd be in such different financial situation when we got pg, and that all the stuff would be new and the best, but I am happy with the purchases that I've made.
My mum has bought me a highchair and baby bouncer chair already, so I know my family wont see my bub go without, but as its our baby/our responsibility I don't want to rely on them too much.
Oh BTW, I see you are in Florida - we were supposed to be going back to Orlando in October, but have just had to cancel because of how far I will be and also because of the money - but I can't wait til my children are older and I can take them there (that's what I'll have to get a job for to save for after the baby is born :D ) You're so lucky, you get such great restaurants over there (I'm starving incase you can't tell) I don't know why we don't have a Bahama Breeze etc over here, mmmmmm I can almost taste the bahamaritas :lol:
I love living in Florida! I cant wait to take my daughter to the beach or Disney World! Plenty of things to do to keep a child occupied! :)

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