My 11 week scan pic


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Aug 31, 2005
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Here's a pic of my 11 week scan:

Yohoo Bagpuss!

Looks great. Mine's next Friday (30th)......we'll be nearly 14 weeks then so I'm hoping it moves around alot.....I can't wait. Scan is way more exciting than Xmas this year!

Have a great Chrissy -

Thats one clear picture. You can see baby straight away.

Take care

Thanks girls. I thought I wasn't going to get a scan at this stage because I've had 2 early ones because of the bleeding and spotting I had.

Thankfully my midwife managed to get me another appointment. It's a great pic.

Sass, yours should be even better at 14 weeks. Not long to wait for yours now.

We could see the little baby wriggling around lots.

I'm still feeling very nauseaus and tired though, are you? I can't wait for that to subside.
Wow that's a great pic... :mad:) I'm smiling for you...

If it makes you feel any better, I was feeling terribly sick right up until just a week ago, and the nausea seems to have completely gone now. I'm still feeling very tired all the time, but apparently that gets better in the second trimester too... If the tiredness doesn't go away, make sure you get your GP to prescribe Iron tablets, as that is supposed to help loads!

I've had my scan today at 13 and a half weeks, and it was great, I'm so relieved!! The baby was jumping around and kicking and punching little arms and legs all over the place! So cute...! I'm going to get the picture scanned when I go back to work, so will post it on here asap...

What a great picture Bagpuss! It must be such a relief for you to see it. Hope your nausea subsides soon and that everything goes well for you. xxxx
Thanks girls. My nausea has vastly improved since my last post. Last Thursday was the magic day for me, I felt great. I've had lots of later nights since then and barely any nausea. The last 2 days it's crept back a little but not as consistent as it was. It's worse when I'm lying in bed.

Can't wait to see your scan pic Kate.

Hannan - thanks for your post especially given what you are going through. Hope you and your OH are OK and getting lots of support.

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