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Mar 30, 2005
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I have recently started to play classical music to my bump!! anyone else doing this?? I have heard that it really helps the baby to relax and can help stimulate their mind?!?!?!

Just hope bubs likes the music and im not making the poor little one suffer!!!

Natalie x
my bump seems to love anything with a complex bass line, especially ska music! which my OH hates! so its quite amuzing to watch him kicking about to madness and the specials!!! :lol:
I haven't really been playing music at the bump but I have been singing along loudly to stuff as I'm on the computer and that's really funny as it kicks me lots- especially when I sing stuff that's low or needs me to use my diaghram muscles (like Kate Bush!). I ought to be playing it my husband's band's music really but I'm sure it's got enough of that to come!

I watch alot of MTV so baby bean will pick up on that, trying to find whale music type stuff, but no shops sell them anymore, Looked in all the hippy shops to, they used to have a stand where you could press a button and listen to some, now I just have to wolk around the house singing (poor baby) or making noises ("kaaa kaaa" -dolphin) OK I'm bit strange but I'm trying! :D
When I was pregnant with my first (6 years ago) I listened to westlife a lot :?

When he was born he would always fall asleep easily if I played westlife.......not particuarly educational but he's bright as a button now so I guess it doesn't really matter what you listen to!!

Much love
I've change the music I play in the car now.

I used to play a lot of dance music like faithless etc, but I don't necessarily want my bean to be interested in that! :shock:

So I have started playing stuff that I used to listen to as a kid, 60's stuff, abba, bangles, that sort of thing.

I have got this idea that if I play certain tunes to the bean over and over again nearer the birth it might just recognise them when he/she is born and respond to them? Am I mad, who knows, but it will give me something to do when I hit maternity leave. :D
Cheers hun!! :wink:

Don't know what to subject this little one to??

Maybe James Blunt or Daniel Powter??
I'm off to see Franz Ferdinand when I will be 33 weeks, hope she likes them!!

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