Muscle hypertonus?

Discussion in 'Kids Health' started by MissThing, Dec 22, 2007.

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    Hi girls :wave:

    Daniel has always been quite a tense baby. What I mean, his muscles are always very tense. Like he is clenching his fists all the time, and sometimes you cant even open them, and when i am trying to stand him up, by holding under his armpits, he stands up on the side of his feet. Nobody (mw, hv, gp) has mentioned it before, untill my mum came. Apparently, it is supposed to disappear in the upper limbs by 3 months, and in lower limbs by 4. And if it hasnt, parents have to pay a great deal of attention (like massage and swimming and gymnastics) to it, otherwise later in life it can lead to some complications. :shock:

    Has anybody heard about this before? I had a look on internet, and there is almost nothing :? But mum says, that when I was born, I had the same. So she had to massage me all the time. I am going to get to the GP maybe next week and ask.

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