Mum !!!!!!


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Jun 13, 2005
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Grrrr !!
There is only so much of this i can take !
My mum saw me on this forum and she goes to me 'how pathetic can you get !'
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :evil: !
I know its not really relationships but hey i cant put it anywhere else !
ive just had a enough and *breathe*
Argh !!!
i could write a book about this but ill leave it at that ! *hmph*
How horrid! You're not pathetic at all Missy ((( )))
My mum thinks I am a freak for going on websites like this, she also thought I was a freak for hiring a doppler. She sees it as me being pathetic and neurotic. :roll:
my eldest son told me I was mental (he's a fine one to talk - spends his time on Final Fantasy forums!!!!), but hubby is always asking how everybody is. Think he wants to join but gets enough stick for gossiping with all the mums on the school run.

Whenever DS comments, i just start telling him about how sore my boobs are (he goes bright red!), and he's quick enough to tell me to get back on the forum and winge to you lot instead.
The thing is she probabaly thinks im obsessing about having another child or non stop about my m/c ! I dunno what goes through her glad i dont know either.
I know what shel do next...she will go on this website..find me..and read every single one of my posts and i will NEVER hear the end of it !
Oh well
*hi mum* :p !
Take care all xx
I love this site, it gives me good advice and the confidence to know everything is ok and I'm not crazy! It is hard to get advice from people who had a child ages ago, you are all in a simular boat so it makes feel abit normal! If people have problems with us being on this site, then it is there problem and are only jelous because we are not talking to them!

*Gives everyone a hug*

I just wanted to get something off my chest. I'm 28 and got married last year. I'm desperate to start a family but don't feel I can talk to my mum about it. We were at a family party last night, a relative asked me about when we were going to start a family at which point my mum announced to the room that I wouldn't be able to cope with a baby because we live 80 miles away from my family. She also told everyone that my husband doesn't want children. :twisted: I felt really humiliated. Anyone else had similar problems with their mum?
lol missy, my mum is exactly the same! thinks im sad for coming on websites like these!! oh well *blows raspberry* :lol:

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