Mucus plug/waters?

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by SiameseCatLady, Sep 8, 2016.

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    Hiya. When I woke up yesterday morning (am 40 + 2 today) I had very light pinkish gunk when wiped (sorry for tmi). Pretty sure some of plug starting to come away.
    Felt like period was coming all day and lots of pressure in pelvis plus every time I went to the loo, more what I am assuming 'plug' came away when I wiped. It changed to a sort of light orangey colour and ow it's getting a little watery this morning, the same colour orange every time.
    Less mucussy now and more reminding me of beginning of period, but not worried it's bloody at all. It's not...
    My question is, should this be happening? Can your plug still be coming out like this, watery and after 24 hours? No water when lying down or very, very little in knickers. It's literally only when I wipe.
    Going to ring DAU/labour ward later, but just wondered what people thought?
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    Nov 28, 2015
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    I had constant mucasy plug coming away for weeks and a lot of discharge in the last couple of weeks so it could just be that. If you're worried it's your waters put a maternity pad on and leave it a few hours. I think that's what the midwives will tell you to do it if you think it's waters.
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    Dec 20, 2015
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    Mine was like that at the start of labour like orange discharge it was more watery than thick

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