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Discussion in 'Long Term TTC & Fertility Issues' started by Mrs.Goodchild, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Sep 10, 2013
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    Hi ladies,
    I haven't posted regularly on the forum for a while now (since i lost my babyg @ 12weeks in jan 15) so i'm not sure if any of you will know or remember me?
    My OH & I have been ttc for over 5 years with 2 mc's (aug 12 & jan 15).
    I had my first fertility appt yesterday so now i feel i should come and join your club x
    So far we have had OH's SA done which gp said was fine but fertility clinic said yesterday it's not (count lower than desirable and normal forms only at 1% :eek: )
    He has been given some proxeed to try and boost this along with all the usual lifestyle advice.
    I had day 21 bloods and my progesterone was 26.5 which the fertility clinic said was boarderline as they hope for anything above 30.
    I've been booked in for day 21 & 28 bloods on 9/5 & 16/5.
    I have to call up on my next cd1 and book cd3-6 bloods.
    I also need to book my HyCoSy when/if cd1 rolls back round.
    So that's us up to now.
    I'm currently following slimming world and have lost 1.5stone so far (still another 4.5 to go)
    The nurse did mention clomid and said my bmi had to be below 35 before i could have it which i worked out to be a further 2 stone from now. So that's my mini goal right now. Xxx
    Ps. Sorry for the long post and i hope if any of you ladies have experienced hycosy that you could possibly share your experiences? I look forward to getting to know you all xxx

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    Jun 20, 2014
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    Hi Mrs.Goodchild

    We tried for 3 years before getting pregnant luckily after our first IVF. After reading your post there are some things we have in common:

    My Progesterone was around 26 as well but my fertility doc did not want to do anything about it since I was ovulating. Are you ovulating normally?

    My DHs sperm was good on all areas except normal forms which was 0%! After this result the fertility doc thought it was DHs issues causing the problems so we decided on IVF privately since we didn't want to wait for NHS

    Before IVF we had a HyCoSy done where they found polyps ( quite a few ) in the endometrium and my doctor now thought this was the cause of our issues ( apparently polyps can reduces changes by more than 50% !). We had hysteroscopy done to remove them but unfortunately they found out I had hyperplasia ( bad cells ) so I had to go on treatment for 6 months before it was time for the NHS IVF.

    All in all I think it was the polyps and hyperplasia causing the issues for us so happy I had the HyCoSy! Don't think the normal forms was the issue because normally when low normal forms you have to do ICSI when IVF to get the sperm in the egg but it was not needed so his forms were fine. I think the criteria they use is very strict so your DHs forms might not be the issue but perhaps the count so change of lifestyle and vitamins should help.

    HyCoSy is a little uncomfortable but quick. I found it painful but some others don't so think its very individual. I would recommend some strong pain killers since I did not take it in time and it should be all fine :). Like I said, its so worth it so you know either what the issue is ( such as blocked tubes, polyps, fibroids etc. ), or that everything is ok!

    Good luck!!
  3. phonixgirl

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    Jun 16, 2015
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    I'm sorry for your losses :-( Unfortunately my clinic has not been perfect in that they've not done a full hormone profile. I was originally told that what they did check looked fine but was later told I had typical pcos, so I'm confused!

    I had the hycosy and I'd agree that it was painful. I went on my own as DH was working and thought it'd be like a smear... but I really needed someone's hand to squeeze! My clinic told me to take ibuprofen beforehand so I did, but if I did it again then I'd take something stronger! I've taken co-codamol before my endometrial scratch both times and that was a breeze (apparently she has ladies screaming on the table) so that might be worth considering? They found nothing in my hycosy but at least it confirmed my tubes were clear.

    Sending sticky baby dust your way xxx

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