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Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by laurat, Jul 1, 2013.

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    I have always found this forum so supportive right from years in ttc to the lttc to the pregnancy sections. Ive never looked in here but I see a lot of familiar faces which is good. im hoping to be able to keep up the support, chat and advice.

    Today Rory is 5 days old and weve been at home since Fri. It all seems to be going ok and my hubby is off for the next 2 weeks to help. I am the works worse for worrying sometimes. I think Im really lucky as touch wood I seem to generally have a happy little boy. Its the whole feeding thing that is kind of getting me. I did post in Combi feeding but it doesnt seem so busy in there so was wondering if anyone has any advice in her.

    I am keen to breast feed and from birth and now have my milk through. I have and managed fine till Sat which was day 4 really. Iended up with a wee hungry boy that no matter how long I fed him he still wanted more. Also sore and cracked nipples. During the night I gave him a bottle.

    He took the bottle ok, perhaps a little fast and a bit windy. He then slept for 3 hours before he needed another feed through the night. Yesterdat morning my boobs were really full so I fed him on the boob again and did all day till last night I put him to a bottle again.

    He took that fine, lot of poo. This morning though hes slightly less easy to get to feed on my boob. He is but finding it more of a challenge Id say.

    My questions about this is if I feed him myself during the day and bottle/formula at night is this combi feeding? Will it be sustainable does anyone know? Also I expresed some of my milk with my electric pump yesterday and got maybe 80ml. Is this normal for day 4?

    I feel Im constantly doubting myself and having a bit of an inner argument. Do I just go with formula and express at night to keep my milk supply and give him it. Do I just go with formula? Am I confusing things and my son? My ideal solution is breast feed and express.

    So garbled but anyone have any suggestions?
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    Welcome to the minefield of Mummyhood :shock:

    Do you have any breast feeding support groups locally? Has your MW mentioned any?

    I would really suggest you Google and try to go along for some help and support. They even had someone come out to me (she came out twice actually)

    James went onto expressed breastmilk from day 3 (I expressed solely for 6 weeks, then combi-fed) and expressing was soul destroying... You had all the downsides of FF. If you can get him back on the breast your life will be easier in the long run.

    For me combi feeding was when I was doing 50/50 breast milk and formula. I'd alternate though so one feed was breast milk and the next would be formula to give me time to pump enough for a few feeds.

    I can't remember how much milk I was getting through on day 4 but it wasn't much, you have to pump to establish your supply.

    There is a section for feeding (spilt up into 'BF' / 'FF' / 'Combi feeding' & 'weaning') but there isn't all that much traffic so I am sure you'll get lots of helpful advice here.

    Best of luck and whatever you do please don't worry or feel guilty!

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    80ml sounds quite good for just 4 days in to me!

    I don't know much about combi feeding but your body makes the most milk during the night which is why babies wake at night - to up your supply! So you would possibly need to get up and express during the night if you're giving bottles instead to maintain supply, but I'm sure there are people who know a lot more about it around here somewhere!

    Also, feeding all the time just now is pretty normal as they are just upping your supply and they can fuss around the breast for the same reason.

    Have you got any lansinoh cream for you nipples? Was a total godsend for cracked nipples in the first couple of weeks!

    Hope you get some better answers! :) xx

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