Motility and pregnancy rates

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    Feb 19, 2016
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    Hi everyone,

    I am a healthy woman of 29 planning on trying to conceive by home insemination in summer with help of a sperm donor through Cryos International. They have some general pregnancy rates but they cannot offer me pregnancy rates specified by sperm motility.

    Can anyone help me to find information about this? I would like to know pregnancy rates for home insemination for motile sperm:
    2.5-5 million
    5-9.5 million
    10-15 million
    >15 million

    Obviously I want to make the chance of conceiving as large as possible but at the same time my budget is low. Cryos recommends using at least 2x 0.5 ml of MOT10 (5-9.5 million) as a minimum and preferably 2x 0.5 ml of MOT20 (10-15 million). I have to save all money for one year for only one try...

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