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Apr 24, 2005
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I ordered some stuff last week from Mothercare - a bra, some muslin cloths and a baby grooming set (nail scissors, hair brush etc).
The grooming set looked ok on their website and was £7.99.
When I received the order the box was battered and ripped (what all the stuff was in) and the grooming set is really cheap and nasty looking, plus has a sticker on it saying £6.99, when I've clearly been charged £7.99.

I emailed Mothercare last Friday to complain and still have not heard back from them.

Disappointed. Won't buy anything else from them again if that's their customer service!
Oh no that's terrible hun. I've nevr had any problems with the shop but I'm not a fan of ordering online (only Ebay coz I'm obsessed with selling stuff).

Hope you get some answers back soon babe. x
BTW, I know it sounds petty moaning about £1, but it's the principal. Plus it looks like something you could pick up at Poundland! :lol:
lol - nah a quid is a quid and when baby is stuff is this expensive and was supposed to be worth £8 it's bloody dissapointing!! :roll:
babe that stinks, dont let them get away with it. Id also put it in writing and phone them too. Sami is right a quid is a quid, cheeky lot!
That could have been a gift, how could you then give it to some one?
let us know how ya get on xx
I had a look at that in the catalogue - £7.99 and actually looks half decent!

Drove a wasted 15 miles yesterday to find abloody maternity bra in a 32back at their MK store said the Mothercare World did them, to get there and find that only ONE style bra comes in a 32 back and it was a nursing bra, and they didn't have it anyway. :evil:

If my mate didn't work there and I like their other stuff so much I'd boycott them. :twisted:
Got a response - they are going to refund the full £7.99. Apparently the price of the item went up, but they didn't amend the stickers.

A result anyways, even if it took 3 emails (which they were apologetic for).

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