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Apr 20, 2005
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hi ya

hope u are all well

my daughter is just over 12 weeks....she started to get grizzly and uncontented just over 2weeks ago. After chatting to my hv she suggested trying some baby rice.....which i did and has been 100% sucess. she is content and happy. has anyone else ben in a simular situation?

cot bumpers.....i am part of another mummy and baby site and there has been alot of talk about cot bumpers being unsafe...i was warned by my m/w not too use one so i took mine off....what do u all think?

and finally danielle is very alert and i have a play mat and some rattles and a door bouncer all of which she loves....i want to get a bumbo seat as well....what are all your lo`s playing with?

thanks for reading....i know its a long one
stacey and danielle :D :D :D
hiya, im pretty sure that you are not suposed to use cot bumpers or quilts until baby is over 12 months old. think it is higher risk of suffocation.

Jamie just sleeps most of the time at the mo so he doesnt play with many toys!! he does have a bouncy chair which vibrates and has little toys hanging down from it, which he seems to enjoy! Also bought a playnest for him but hes a bit tiny to appreciate that yet!!
I've always read that you should remove the bumpers when baby is starting to use them to possibly climb out of the crib. Ava sleeps and remains in the middle of her crib so there's no way she can suffocate from them. Once she starts scooting or moving more, I might remove them. I'm perfectly comfortable with them being there right now.

Ava is starting to enjoy the toys that hang from her bouncer, they light up and play music. She also has a playmat with various toys that hang and make sound but she isn't quite ready for it. She also really loves her winnie the pooh mobile, she'll lay in her crib and smile at it! :)
Yeah bumpers arnt recomended for the first 12 months like duvets and pillows like steph says. reason being that the bbay could wriggle and get stuk in it as they just tie to the cot they can become entangled.

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