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Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by megano987, Apr 22, 2005.

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    Apr 22, 2005
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    Okee dokee...well last month March 4 i went to a party and got really drunk for the first time (bad move when theres guys there, i kno) well this one guy decided to take advantage of me when i was totally near passing out. He didn't use any protection and didnt pull out (i found this out the next morning) i was sposed to have my pd later that week but didn't. It was about 5 or 6 days later that i started to bleed a little. I thought i was in the clear but it was a very very different period than normal. My period is usually very heavy for 7 days. This one was 4 days and i didnt have to use anything half the time. I also started to sleep a lot. i was falling asleep in 3 classes every day. I started peeing all the time like i would wake up in the morn cuz of my bladder all the time. I also had this strange feeling that something wasn't normal. I didn't get really sick. I dunno if its cuz i've always had a very strong stomache or what cuz i do. I decided to wait till this month to determine whether i am or not. I was due to have my period this month on the 8th. It is now the 21st and nothing at all, not even a sign of pms. Also lately my lower tummy has been feeling a lil weird every now and then. One day i felt a flutter in the lower part of my stomach and i never felt anything like that before. Lately i've been having more clear discharge then ever before. Sometimes i get excited and think mayb its my period only to find its definitely not lol. Im not sure if thats a sign or not. My boobs hurt sometimes but not severely or 24/7. The biggest sign (if pregnant) is how tired i am lately and omg the eating!!! All of a sudden it hit me about a week ago. I'm goin crazy with the ice cream, pizza, everything else in the house...the thing is i took a home pregnancy test the other day and it was negative...why is that? Is it a false negative? I've never been this late before and im not overly stressed about it so stress cant be delaying it for 2 whole weeks....any input? If you have any opinions or similar experiences please write back. i'd greatly eppreciate it :D !
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    I know I've managed to put my period forward by two weeks through stress alone before now so it is possible. The symptoms that you list could be pregnancy signs or the signs of a late period- it's a cruel trick of nature that the signs are kind of the same so it's very hard to work out what they mean. When did you test? It might be worth testing again, you can have false negative tests but not false positive as I understand it. If you still test negative and your period still doesn't turn up it might be worth going to your GP to see what they say. You can skip periods for many reasons, not just pregnancy, several of my friends at school had very erratic periods and never knew what was going on. On the other hand you have had unprotected sex so there is still a possibility that you could be pregnant.

    Hope it all works out for you, whatever outcome you're wishing for,


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