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Apr 27, 2005
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Has anyone had this. I am having it done on the 27 March. Am really nervous as i have been told that it will really hurt me as i havent ever given birth naturally.

any thoughts ladies.

i am not having any more babies and i dont want to be sterilised so i decided on this.
Is that the one with the hormones? if it is i've had one fitted. It didn't hurt really just a bit uncomfie. It made me feel like i needed a poo :oops:

Also haven't had a period in 3 months so i think they must stop them :?
I am so glad you have posted this.

I had my postnatal on thursday and she told me to have this done. I am making the appointment tomorrow.

I was speaking to Steph and she is a trainee nurse, she said it takes 5 minutes to put in.
My doctor told me that i may have 4 months worth of hormonal side effects but after that it will be fantastic
hmmm, I've yet to decide what to go for, please let me know how you get on.
Good luck with it then :D

The only side effects ive had are the stopped periods which is great!!!! atleast i hope thats why they've stopped :shock: lol
my doctor told me that they stop your periods, you get spotting sometimes but no actual period.

Where does it go? Does it hurt when they go in?
I had this for over 10 years and I swear by it!!!!

This will definitely be my contraception choice after I give birth. I had given birth to my daughter naturally, and it didn't hurt at all. A bit uncomfortable like having a smear, but then about 4 hours of period pain after.

No periods!!! Yippee!!!! :lol: :lol:
my sil said that i should be on my period whilst having this done, but i am not really that regular at the moment.
yeah its best if u are on or just finished apparently. i was told to make appointment as soon as i came on for a few days later
They do prefer to do it then, but once you have one fitted, your periods usually stop. So when you go to get it changed after about 5 years, you can have it done anytime. I didn't find it any more or less uncomfortable to have this done when I was having a period, to when I wasn't.

I had it fitted about 4-5 weeks ago.

It didnt hurt, just uncomfortable! It was like having a smear but with contraction type, or cramp like feelings afterwards.

Your periods are supposed to stop. I have had spotting which lasts for around 6 weeks apparently. I had one period which was on and off for a couple of weeks.

I had a horrible doctor at the local f.planning clinic so wasn't a nice experience but Im sure that was just bad luck. The receptionist swore by it!!! :D
I know someone who had this in, it last for 7 years i think.

If thats too much for u, i suggest implanon, i swear by this, no periods or mood swings and lasts 3 years!
Sorry to post this guys, my aubntie has just had it removed as shw bled really heavy and got really bad cramps with it she's had it in for 3 years and things haven't improved
id love to go out with my m8s but most of them have dropped me since i fell/had braydon (iv become boring apperently) and the ones i am friends with either have babys or blokes and dont like going out at nite!!

Honey, doesn't that show you that if they were real mates they'd be with you at this time? Though none of us really understand until we walk the walk, do we? Maybe they just don't understand. BUT you are NOT boring, and don't think of yourself that way. You have a lot on your plate right now. You are showing what a responsible, mature person you are. If I was there, I'd help you!



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