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Mar 1, 2006
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This is ami but now i know i am im Budge coz Rachael was taken up on the forum :D

the midwife is popping over the weekend to see me and see if she can feel how far gone i am. She says its important to do some tests at certain times so the sooner we know how many weeks i am the better :roll:

Appaently ill have to go for a scan too to get an accurate date. I feel so silly not knowing when its due or when my last period was but hey ho! 8)

I can't wait to find out and get a ticker.
hi hun and welcome hope all goes well with the midwife xxx
That's good news Rachael. And you sound so much better today!! :lol:
Wonderful to read so much happiness and excitement in your posts!!
really pleased for you and can't wait to hear when baby is due!!! :D
Hope all goes well with mw.
Have a happy day!!
Emilia xx :wink:
yes im happy now. :D
Whats the point in fretting about something i cannot change. This baby is coming for a reason. Its my forth and whatever it lacks it will gain in love from its mummy daddy sisters and other family members!

This WILL be my last pregnancy so i am going to enjoy it and make the most of it no matter what! DH (im even getting good at the shortcuts :wink: )is having the chop ASAP! :twisted:
i bet you can not wait to find out how many weeksyou are! im on my third and last pregnancy and like you im going to enjoy this one!!!

let us know how you get on
love sarah x
i can't wait SArah because i want a ticker hahahaha :lol: :lol:

I am glad that you are feeling happy and excited about your pregnancy, hope everything goes well for you,looking forward to seeing your ticker and how far along you are !!

Good luck xx
shes coming today at 11am :) . She will only be able to tell me if i am over 12 weeks or under though. But she says its important becasue if i am or over 12 weeks there are tests that have to be done at certain times. So its best she come.
im looking forward to being poked and prodded again :mrgreen:
well im less than 12 weeks. Bt shes put me down afor a scan in the next couple of weeks to find out for sure how many weeks i am.
Im just releived im not over 12 weeks! its a weight of my mind. I can start taking my folic acid now and i haven't missed any tests or anything!

ill update when i ve had a scan
Glad it went well. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy.
Here if you want to chat. :D
Emilia xx
Spooky, we posted at exact same time! :shock: Glad it went well.

Nicki.x :D
glad all went well and youve not missed any tests lets hope your scan is soon and you can get yourself a nice ticker :D xxxx

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