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Jul 7, 2005
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Hey everyone, I just found this place and i wish i had found it sooner

I am 27 weeks pregnant now with twins!!! God help me, they'll be my first too
Hi Mia - welcome to the site! how near to EDD do they expcect twins to go? Can they reach normal EDD as single babies do?
Apparently it can happen but is unlikey, my midwife (a very butch looking unfeeling woman) told me alot of twins she has had experience with arrive around 30 weeks. I'm pretty terrified as this is my first time round, thats why i am so glad ive found this place, as my boyf isnt really taking me too well at the moment (mood swings left right and centre)

I decided not to find out the sex :D
you must be sooo scared i am and i am only having one!
this site is my saviour LOL
I think this site is going to be my saviour too. I am the first of my friends to get pregnant so i really have no1 to chat to about all of this, my mum claims it was all too long ago but she remembers not enjoying it!

In truth i am terrified, how am i gonna have the energy to push two out :shock:
Congratualtions hun. OHHH twins how exciting and cute is that. Hope you all the best hun, and hope u and your bump are happy and healthy.

bec x x
I am am the first of my friends to have kids aswell Mia - aswell as OH's friends. Scary thought. :shock: So it may not be all that long left for you then? Do you have everything ready for the little ones? xx
I know might not be long left :shock: I have the nursey all sorted, and most clothes and all the bits ... im sure ive forgotten something important though

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