met daddy last night


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Apr 19, 2005
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hey guys.

father finally made contact himself over the weekend!
shock horror! :shock: lol!

we met for a drink and he asked the usual, when are you due? is it a boy or girl? at this point im now nearly 31weeks so really he should have shown that he was interested along time ago. but for the sake of my little angel im forgetting all the crap he has done over the last 7months because at the end of the day its her daddy.

we got on fine until he asked if he could come into the delivery room, he genuinely seemed suprised when i said no! i got the same reaction when he asked if she could have his surname! his reason for this is because he thinks in the future we will just magically fall in love with each other so it makes sense for her to have his name instead of mine, as if!

i just cant believe the cheek of this bloke! he waltzes in at 7months and just expects me to change all the plans that i have had to make on my own (well with the help of my lovely parents).

aswell he told me that he would love it if we could make a go of it but asked me not to mention it to anyone (but i guess you lot are special) because it would obviously upset his girlfriend if it got back to her! he asked for a hug before he went so i gave him one. it was the most amazing hug in the world (my friends have said that i would feel this wierd connection with him because hes the dad to my little angel).

i sent him a message when he had left to say thankyou for meeting us. he replied by telling me that i looked pretty and that he really wants to love me. but at the end of the day it was probably just the shock because he had never actually seen me when he could tell that i had his baby in my tummy.

only thing is i thought i was in a different place to before, but since i have seen him again i really think i still have feelings for this guy so as glad as i am for my little angel that he is NOW taking full responsibility i am hurting! :cry:

what a mess

Hi I'm sorry this post got missed before - how are you doing? Hope you feela little less confused.

Maybe before you decide to give it a go again you should think if it's for you or the babies sake? I don't know the past but maybe some things can't be forgiven?

Ultimately it's up to you and I hope you make the decision you feel is right.


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