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May 26, 2005
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I walked into the only maternity store in town yesterday and bought a pants that cost me €85! For those of you who live in the UK, that's about £59! Is that fairly standard? For Ireland, it's hellishly expensive. Now, they do fit well, I must admit, and look well, and are fully adjustable, but some of the chain stores offer cheaper, that, well, just aren't as nice. I hate clothes that don't fit well, you know?

I LOVE the floaty empire line tops that are in fashion right now, though, they are soooo right for pregnancy!

What's your favourite maternity outfit? Where did you buy it?

That is ALOT of money mate - I wouldn't spend that on maternity OR normal clothes. Maybe if I had that sort of money I would - but I couldn't spend that much with the kinda money we live on.

Most shops seem to be about the £30 mark for trousers up to about £40. They are high street shops and aren't that brilliant I guess. I have had a nightmare finding stuff. Still haven't bought anything I really like - just stuff I put up with.
Well, i thought so too - but I'd had a little bonus and it was payday so I treated myself to a pair of trousers. I won't be doing it often, I assure you, not with two mortgages and a car loan...

I got two lovely smocky tops in Latvia for only €18 each though...a real find.

Keep searching, I guess! People say that if you borrow your partner's shirts and t-shirts, it can be both attractive and comforting.

I've got quite a few bargains in he Next Clearance store - a lovely pair of jeans for £4! And they're a lovely cut and suitable for evenings etc. I got a few tops in H&M and Some jeans and Tops in George for less than £10. That's it for now I think.

If I wanted to wear my husband's clothes I ned to grow a foot and loose about a stone in weight. :lol: Neither of those likely really......
Where can you get those little elastic button things from? I really think one of them would be great right now to go with my normal trousers as i don't want to part with them just yet! x

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