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Nov 9, 2005
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how many weeks were you guys when you went on maternity leave?

I'm finding it sooooo hard to work at the moment, and I'm not there yet... between tiredness, not being comfy and just general excitement about baby coming work is just not happening :(
Hi pips,
I still had 5 weeks to go when I finished and 1 month before that I cut down to half days. On the other hand another girl in my office left with a week to go.
It all depends on how you feel!

Kind regards

i was thirty six weeks and 5 days when i left but that was because it was just before xmas i left on the 22nd and my work didnt go back til 2nd jan
I'm going to be working until 38 weeks because I decided - full of energy late in the second trimester - that I'd rather have more time with the baby than with the bump. I'm regretting it a little now, but I'm only working 4 day weeks now and everyone at work is being really nice to me!!!
Actually, one of the most difficult things about being at work is that I just don't care about it that much at the moment. I'd much rather be day dreaming about my baby, looking at baby stuff on the web and checking out what's going on here. The job is just a distraction from what's really important!! Sadly, my employers are unlikely to agree with me on this one ;o)
I left at 36 weeks but wish I had left sooner cos I had my baby at 37 weeks so had no time to rest :(
I'm just keeping my fingers (and everything else!) crossed that my LO doesn't decide to come early. If her parents are anything to go by she'll be late ;o) and I do desperately want us to be moved before she arrives!!!! Is it worrying that she's already 3/5 engaged? I do hope she doesn't have plans for an early entry to the world....
I just finished work last Friday....I am 35 weeks, and really could not have gone longer!!!
My mind was miles away from my job and my body was screaming for rest...which i haven't started as such (went to french consulate today and am nackered!!!)

I guess it really depends on how you feel, but noone would blame you from stopping now if that's what you decide to do!

Take care,

Mel xx
am planning on leaving at 38 weeks - and like skidoo - am finding the office a bit of a distraction - am ferociously using up all my post-it notes making lists!! ( to do lists, labour bag lists, baby essentials lists!) hehehehe -

beginning to really start to feel tired again now tho - kinda like the first few months, its come back full cirlce now, where im having a nap when i get home from work before making dinner!

looking forward to finishing ( ooooh i love leaving days in our work! - loads of presents! hehehehe)

not long now girlies, its the home stretch! good luck and congrats to you all who are finishing earlier!

three weeks ago i was still saying i would carry on until my waters broke if i could. i wasn't having the sleepless nights then, and the pains in lower tummy and top of thighs (have any of you guys got REALLY sore thighs?)

i'm still going to uni as much as i can but i have to reduce the amount of homework as its becoming impossible to do it all and as you said my mind is so focused on baby its a waste of time trying to do anything else anyway

good luck to you all, especially those who are still at work xx
Hi Pips, i finished at 32 weeks, had 4 weeks A/L that i had saved up, and started maternity on jan 16th. I hate to admit it, but im getting a little bored, but am full of energy, unlike when i was working. i was in bed most work nights by 9pm, now im up until 12, and get up about 9 am, and feel good.
Can i be nosey.....what you studying at uni?
i worked up till the day i gave birth i was due to take mat leave at 39 weeks but went home from wrk one night wen i was 34weeks and waters broke! this time im taking it at 29weeks the earliest i can seems BT give me a yr off :)
i really think women who decide to work til a week or two before due date are SO brave!! if they manage it then well done!!!!!!

i'm 37weeks (tomorrow prob) and cant handle it anymore. have just come home from a long day at uni *i study translating and interpreting hels :) * but its too hard... i have to sit in a booth and concentrate for hours on end working constantly between english french and german
sorry, as you can see i am having a grumble
i'm nearly due AND THEY ARE STILL ASKING ME TO BRING IN SICK NOTES! i cant believe it

have decided to prolong my auto decided mat leave and quit v v v soon, as in tomorrow.......... i think
feel guilty about leaving...
Phew....sounds totally exhausting pips.
there is nothing worse than mental tiredness. Do what ever is good for you regarding your course, 37 weeks is a big well done in my book, i only worked til 32 wks!!!
:) This is something that I need to look into,too.I am finding it really,really hard going at work.I'm a postwoman,and I don't know how much longer I can go on for!It is taking me ages to throw my walk out,and then ages to deliver it :( - I think I will have to go for the maximum amount that I can. :)
OH, MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are so brave, bagpuss!!!!!! Have been on maternity for a week now, and I was just a teacher, and just going up and down the stairs was horrible, so I can't even visualise myself doing what you have to do!!!!!!!!!

how do you cope!!!! :shock: :shock:

just an advice: don't overdo it because you really need that time of rest before Lo comes...and it does help a lot...just one week, and I feel so much better now! don't regret at all to stop work at 35 weeks! I want to be bale to push! :wink: so I need the rest!

good luck, I am sooooooooo impressed!

Mel xx
I left for the christmas holidays but my maternity leave officially started on the 8th jan (i had some hols to take). so i left at 35 weeks.

i've had so much going on (decorating etc) so far that i haven't had much time to rest. But i'm hoping it will all slow down from next week.

my midwife said we should try and get a bit of 'me' time, doing things we want to do before the baby comes. I hope i have time to fit some of that sort of stuff in xx
YES!!!!! I AM ON MAT LEAVE!!!!!!
i asked today if i could take the rest of the time off and they have agreed! all i have to do is hand in submissions (which is bad enough...)
i'm quite proud because they said i'd done well carrying on til then :D but am dreading the amount of catching up when i start again

bagpuss you're great! it must be so hard for you -dont overdo it too much! but my concern is when you do get time off you might get bored after having been so active...

well its now time for... relaxing! more bonding and stroking and playing (baby has tickly feet)! buying very last min items! aaaaaaah bliss!
and sleep, if baby cooperates :lol:
well done you!!!!

and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Mel xx

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