Maternity clothes driving me mad. Novelty wearing off.

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Jun 14, 2005
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Anyone else found that the novelty of maternity clothes has worn off and you can't wait to wear sexy bras, sexy knickers, non-elasticated trousers, tight t-shirts, and any other things that you love to wear normally?

A really skinny girl at work has just walked past me in a pair of identical trousers to the ones I used to wear non-pregnant. The next thing I saw was my side profile in the ladies toilets. :shock: What has happened to my body? And what am I wearing. I thought I looked quite nice when I left the house this morning and now I'm not so sure. :cry: :cry: :cry:

I also haven't been able to sit comfortably for four months and the novelty of that has worn off.

Most days are good, and I don't have too many ailments, but I can now sympathise with people who announce that they are starting to get sick of being pregnant.
the novelty has not worn off for me yet, but im sure it will once i hit 36 weeks! lol
I voted most days are ok but starting to have bad days. I got a new top and a new bra today and they look really nice so i am quite happy at the minute. But I am looking forward to getting in to my old favourite jeans and being slim again, and to having my body back to myself again (whenever that is going to happen!!) :D
My sister is really thin and I feel so fat and podgy next to her :(
I'll give you one guess at the answer I picked (and it wasn't the top one )

I feel the same as you Sarah. Last week I had to take in some pj's to wear, I realised I didnt atcually fit in anything I used to own that was even big before I was pregnant. My thieghs are so big it's not even funny, my bum has grown outwards, sidewards and downwards, I have orange peel where I didn't think possible, and I just want to wear a nice tight t-shirt, push up underwired bra, pair of tight jeans and some high heels and go out and feel good. Instead I'm stuck at home in maternity trousers I hate, my OH's jumper coz I can't afford a maternity one, breast pads coz my bbs wont give up, I ache, hurt, finding it harder to breathe, and just wish pregnancy lasted 6 months and the baby came out healthy, happy and the right size!

I feel like a hippo compared to the former size 8-10 I used to be :cry:
I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling shite - it's strangely comforting to know other people are as fed up as I am too.

(message to bump - in no way am I encouraging you to come out now - just let up on kicking me where ya shouldn't/pushing head down/sitting on bladder/etc)
my bum has grown outwards, sidewards and downwards

Hohohohoho!!! :lol: You have no idea how much better that made me feel.

My thighs are looking like nasty over flouncy 90's style curtains. You know the ones, with all those ruffles (see link). ... r=11&CP=00

Anyway, I don't want her to come out early (God forbid) but I hope these next 10 weeks fly by!
LOL Sami :D

Your humour really makes me laugh.

I am quite fortunate in that I haven't put on too much weight all over. But my thighs did go up a size in the first month which was my first big slap in the face.

I have been told that this will go away quite quickly IF i am successful at breastfeeding. Keeping everything crossed for that! (Not the legs of course :roll: :roll: . I am missing being able to cross my legs).

I am also starting to get fed up with not being able to have more than one glass of wine ocassionally!

I also had trouble doing up my boots at the weekend and even standing up from the toilet is starting to be an effort! :oops:
Your link made me giggle Louise - I so know how you feel!!

As for the toilet Sarah, I agree with you on that too - if OH is in the house I sometimes have to ask him for a hand - how dignified! :lol: When I'm here alone I use the side of the bath to get up easier :oops:

We should start a 'fat-by-pregnancy' club and compare how big we get in other area's too lol. I can't wait to diet! :lol:
I have given myself a time goal of 12 months to get back to normal, but if I can do it in time for summer, then even better.

I'd rather not have to go on a strict diet though, diets make my skin crawl. I'd rather just get back into my cycling and karate and let nature do its thing
12 months is a very good and relistic time to get back in to shape, after giving birth is takes a few month for your insides to return to normal

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