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    Has anyone sent off for theirs yet or anyone had it in the past? As it's all a bit different and from the government I had to fill in a long silly form and send lots of payslips and bits of paper with it, unlike SMP which I'm sure is a damnsite easier to sort out!

    I've had to send mine off and claim now right from the start of my qualifying period but I just wondered how long it normally takes for them to start sending your money through to you? Technically I am entitled to it as of yesterday with it being the Sunday of the week commencing my 29th week of pregnancy (I had to read it about 20 times before I got it too). As the form only got sent off today will they pay me as of yesterday? Or will they pay me from when they sort it out? Just wondering as cash flow is obv now a shortage since being off work again.

    Any help will be appreciated! x
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    They'll pay you as of your qualifying start date, so it will be backdated.

    For me they made a one off payment of the backdated money (though it took 6 working days to hit my bank account from when she told me they were doing it), and then the regular weekly payments commenced from the end of that week.
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    Thanks hun

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