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    I woke up in the middle of mon-tues night with sudden mastitis, pain, chills, fever, aches, i felt really really ill. After paracetomol and dozing a bit more , the fever was a lot better in the morningbut i still felt achy and pain in the boobs. HV sent me to GP who gave me flucloxacillin. I held off taking them to see how the night went as i know antibiotics would be pointless unless it was definitely infection rather than non infective mastitus. So last night i didnt have any fever, the achiness is less, but i still have the very painful patches in my boobs. does it sound like i need the antibiotics? obv the risk from leaving infection is developing into abcesses, but if i am overall not feeling so bad would you be inclined to think its non infective and will clear up on its own? I'm still feeding from both boobs . I dont want to take the meds unless i have to because my LO is already colicky and i dont fancy making that worse for a week!
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