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Jul 27, 2005
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:D:D:D happy valentines day every 1 :D:D:D

hope u have a good day and get really spoilt!
me and garry are hoping to take B out for lunch just the tree of us if i feel up to it :D wot is everyone else doing / done ?
my OH is at work 7am to 9pm :(
I asked if we should celebrate later on as Charlie is only 1 week old, but he said what is more romantic than spending time together as a brand new family? Ahhhhh bless him!
...hopefully giving birth!!! happiest date with love ever :D :D :D
(fingers crossed)
enjoy yourselves xx
Im in on my own this evening as my DH is going out to the football! whoever planned football fixtures Valentines day wants shooting :-(
On my lonesome with the TV, DH went to work this afternoon and wont be back till gone midnight!
I'm at home with my my man and my boy later tonight :D
Gonna cook Mark a nice dinner ready for when he gets in (hope I don't give him food poisining!! :shock: )
Taking OH son to cubs and Rubie to my mums and going to the pub for 1.5 hours then take away on the way home - how romantic! :?
we just had fish and chips for tea!!! awww how romantic!!! lmao :?
Me and my oh had our valentines night on sat as he is working tonight! He cooked us a really nice meal and made me feel really special then he propsed to me!

My husband is working right now so we're just going to cuddle up with a movie when he gets in.
Yes he did he got down on 1 knee and everything!
Congratualtions Kels, that's great.

Ambernicole, those are beautiful pics of Ava, love her little frock x
:D congratulations on the twins sarah :D

Hope you had a good valentines day and wasn't to knackered!!

Hope everything goes well for you all, keep us posted!!
ive been sitting in my room with carey all night feeling sorry for myself! into the second day of being a single mum..again!!! :(:(:(
Hugs ((((amy)))). Bet Carey loves his mum the best in the whole wide world tho xxxxx
congrats kels!!!!!! :D
wow it's a romantic st valentine's on the forum...

well i had a great non romantic night out at the pub with blokes but it was great fun and i didn't feel bad about being single because i was plain happy. just waiting for the love of my life now- my child :)

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