Lung/chest issues - born at 38 weeks

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by CDx, Aug 2, 2016.

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    I'm wondering if any of you ladies have experienced similar - my son was born at 38 weeks exactly by emergency c-section (under GA) and although he recovered well and there was no concerns about his lungs he's had a few chest infections and acute bronchiolitis at 7 months so I'm beginning to wonder if him being a little early and being born under c-sec could play any part in this? I searched on Google and there's a few articles hinting that it is often the case.

    We've been at out of hours tonight and he has a chest and lung infection been given antibiotics and an inhaler. The doctor who saw him tonight said because of the bronchiolitis he could be prone to picking up these things and will eventually grow out of it, but I'm wondering if his lungs hadn't matured enough along with his birth experience and that could be underlying and causing the issues? She asked about a family history of asthma but said she doesn't think that's the case and I said we have a dog could it be an allergy to her hair or could she be making it worse but she doesn't think that's the case either.

    I wish I had thought of it earlier to ask the doctor but as I'm lying awake in a makeshift bed beside his cot because he's coughing so much he's vomiting my mind has gone into overdrive.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience?

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    Oh I'm so sorry to hear this! I hope he feels better soon, it's so awful and scary when your baby is sick. I do know that babies born vaginally get their lungs totally compressed before emerging, and while I am unsure of all the details I do know that this is optimal for long-term lung function. I hope that answers your question, though I know it doesn't put your mind at ease.

    I'll be sending you and your little one good thoughts.

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