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Discussion in 'Weaning' started by MissKW, Sep 13, 2018.

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    I have just started weaning my son as he's just turning 6 months. We started with baby porridge and a little bit of organic veggie puree and he has taken to it really well.
    Hubby has brought home some freezer cubes etc so I can finally start making his food myself but we are unable to get a blender for a couple of weeks. I decided to have a go mashing up some very soft boiled sweet potato with breast milk but obviously cannot get it as smooth as a blender would so there are a lot of little soft lumps that I cannot mash up anymore with a fork.
    I did offer him a tiny bit and he gagged a little to start with but then ate it down no problem and wanted more. However I looked online afterwards and they suggested waiting until at least 7 months before introducing lumps but I couldn't find a reason as to why.
    What are the reasons for waiting until baby is a little older until introducing lumps etc?
    Can a well developed 6month old eat lumpy puree or will it upset his digestive system?
    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

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