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Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by weestar21, Nov 27, 2005.

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    Hi all just to let yous all be aware, thursday morning at 5.30 am i woke up with terrible lower back ache. I tried taking paracetamol and a long soak in a hot bath to help ease the pain but nothing would take it away.
    i had just been at the midwife on wednesday and she said everything was fine baby was a good size heart beat was fine and nothing to worry bout.
    Anyway 3pm came and the pains were getting worse so i called the day room at the hospital because i have previouse history of premature labour thought it was best to call and seek some advice. They told me to go down so went into hospital they checked me out took blood and some urine samples. My belly was contracting but i couldnt feel the pains as it was all in my back. 6pm came and the doctor came to see how i was doing and after an internal she told me my cervics havent dilated so they would give me an injection to stop the contractions.

    After all that the blood results and urine results came back and i had a urine infection which was causing me to go into first stage of labour. They let me out at 11.30 with a course of antibiotics and so far im doing ok they pains have gone and baby is still kicking away.

    i am a bit worried as im only 24 weeks pregnant and my last pregnancy lasted to 29 weeks but i know if i can hang on till 29 weeks the baby has a very good chance as my daughter is almost 4 now and shes doing great.

    Will keep yous updated if anything else happens but fingers crossed it doesnt :wink:

    Take care all and speak soon

    luv Jean

    x x x x
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    Sorry you have had such an ordeal hun. Try and rest and drink lots of fluids to flush out any infections which might come again in the future.

    Hope you hang in there but keep us posted xx

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